Recently I read an interesting article about an interesting cartridge – the .45 Auto Rim. This is basically a .45 ACP cartridge with a rim which allows it to be used in specially chambered revolvers without the need for the “half moon” clips that are required to properly seat a rimless .45 ACP in a revolver cylinder. This cartridge was mainly developed for the Smith & Wesson 1917 revolver by the Peters ammo company. Shooting .45 ACP in a revolver is a “neat” concept. Although it will not have the power of a .45 Long Colt, it will also have less recoil.

What I took issue with in this article, though, was that the author recommended the .45 Auto Rim for use on “large and dangerous” game, even though it is virtually identical ballistically to the .45 ACP round that most “experts” feel does not have sufficient power even for deer hunting. Because the .45 Auto Rim is fired in revolvers that can take more pressure than most .45 semi auto pistols are designed for, however, it CAN be loaded “hotter” – but the velocities shown for hand loads and Cor Bon ammo were no more powerful than +P .45 ACP ammo

I’d like to have a .45 revolver capable of shooting .45 ACP, just for fun, and the rimmed version would be even better, I would think. For hunting, I think the .45 1911 is more capable than most give it credit for – at close range. If you want more power from a .45 class cartridge without going to a .45 long Colt or having to hunt for ammo for a .45 Super, the .460 Roland in my opinion is the best choice. The cost of a Clark barrel will be much less than a new revolver, and the power potential of the cartridge is much more.

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