Many of us use the same trimming tool to remove feet from leg bones on animals we are butchering in the field as we would use to trim the other kind of limbs from shrubbery around the house. These “loppers” will do the job, but bone wrecks havoc with the blades and can dull them pretty quickly. Since my wife absolutely loves to cut limbs off just about anything, this can become an issue around our house. When I saw the Browning Outdoorsman Shears on a table of silent auction items at the recent TOWA conference in Galveston, I immediately put in a bid, and my wife has already tried them out – and pronounced them an improvement over the more ordinary type we used in the past.

The new Browning Outdoorsman Shears should be great for trimming limbs off trees or hogs!

The new Browning Outdoorsman Shears should be great for trimming limbs off trees or hogs!

These Browning shears are designed more for the limbs on animals, with stronger, sharper blades, and even a gut-hook, but they can also be used for cutting limbs out of shooting lanes – or trimming rose bushes. There is a serrated edge to hold a limb – or leg – in place while the cutting blade does its job which is definitely better than the normal garden shears. The handles are also adjustable to longer lengths for reaching higher branches. They come with a nice sheath to protect the blades – and the user when in storage or transit.

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  1. Frank Truax says:

    Great idea, they need to be an advertiser, I am getting a pair…Thanks!

  2. Frank Truax says:

    I just ordered this on your recommendation, thanks for the link!

  3. Frank Truax says:

    OK I got these and used on a 270lb Hog last night, made the work easy…Thanks again! No tree limbs for mine only game!

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