The Bull’s Bag system deployed as a pistol rest



The Bull’s Bag shooting rest system must be very good – if we look at the number of other companies who have introduced products that are very similar. Marshall Hill of X Seven, Inc., sent me an original Bull’s Bag to test  some year’s ago, and I have used it extensively. It is a soft “bag” (filled with cat litter for a lighter bag than sand) in an vague “X” shape. The bottom legs of the X can be adjusted for height and stability, the top portion then uses a scissors action to grip the firearm firmly. At the range – if a table and chair of correct height are available – this system can help to produce tighter groups and easier sight-ins. The Bull’s Bag can also be used over the window of a deer stand, on the hood of a truck, or on the ground for prone shooting. Since most folks forget when building stands that resting a rifle on the hard sill of an unpadded window not only scratches the stock, but causes the rifle to recoil AWAY from the “rest” – often enough to cause a miss – this system can be a very valuable one for Texas hunters.

I have also tried the X-7 system, which uses various sections velcroed together that can be “disassembled” to form 7 different configurations. In addition to the original Bull’s Bag design, the more advanced version can be formed into a higher rest and a nice pistol rest.

The largest retail stores in the hunting/shooting field were quick to introduce their own versions of soft rests which are eerily similar to the Bull’s Bag. Now Bog Pod has come out with a soft bag that has a short “pod” on it. The soft bag is to help gain a steady base, the pod portion actually holds the rifle while being shot. This rest is being marketed to be used on the windows of stands or vehicles, on the hood of a truck, etc. Hmmm.  I have not tried one of these devices yet, but it will not have the scissors action of the top portion of the Bug’s Bag.

Contact: www.x7bullsbag.com

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