Custom Lacewood Ruger revolver grips!

I asked Carl of Privates Custom Grips to build me a set of custom grips from a piece of Lacewood that used to be on my beloved old 31 Bertram, and they of course came out a lot better than the ones I tried to make myself! Wish I had enough of this wood to make grips for all my single action revolvers! Meanwhile, these will grace my .45 Colt Blackhawk!

These Lacewood grips were made by Caro of Privates Custom Grips from wood off my old 31 Bertram.

These Lacewood grips were made by Carl of Privates Custom Grips from wood off my old 31 Bertram.

Lacewood had patterns no other wood can really equal, in my opinion.

Lacewood has patterns no other wood can really equal, in my opinion.

Lacewood has iridescent “flakes” in its structure that give contrasting brightness and views from different angles and in differing light for a very beautiful effect. Doing a little research, I found that “Lacewood” could actually be one of several woods, such as the Australian Silky Oak, or even American Sycamore. No matter which wood is used to begin, it is quarter-sawn to create the crystalline effect that gives the wood it’s unique appearance, known variously as rays, scales, or flecking. Some Lacewood sold commercially comes from Europe, but most used in the US now comes from a wood grown in Brazil. Carl could not have gotten a better “fit” for my Blackhawk if I had done the right thing and sent him the grip frame to work with! Many custom grip-makers will not use a wood furnished by a customer, as it often is not as suitable as the owner thinks it might be. I had salvaged this piece from scraps left off a restoration project on a 72 foot custom sport-fishing yacht many years ago, and used about an 8″ circle of it as a base for the big Marine compass in my boat, to set it off from the teak of the instrument panel. For some reason that I can’t recall, I was able to save this piece of wood after the boat was destroyed by Hurricane Ike – so it has a “legend” to go with it’s attractive appearance.

Another view, with slightly different lighting.

Another view, with slightly different lighting.

These grips will be “in the family” for many years to come, and maybe now and again I’ll look at them and remember my beloved Bertram!

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    Thank you for the nice comment! Glad you enjoy my work. Where are you located?

  2. MikeH says:

    Thanks, glad you enjoy it.


  3. MikeH says:

    This is something that happens a lot, and unfortunately is difficult to prevent. Many years ago a small newspaper ran an article of mine, pretty much word-for-word as I had originally published it, under someone else’s by-line. When I confronted the editor, he said the “writer” was a part-time stringer and not really an employee, – and he thought this excused him from guilt.Finally offered to pay me for the work, and hinted he would like to buy more material from me in the future. I never received a penny, and never heard from him again. I contacted an attorney, and found out copyright law is not something most attorneys know a lot about. Basically he told me I could sue, but the paper probably didn’t have a lot in assests. I decided to just keep an eye on them, and as far as I know they did not repeat the mistake.This was before the internet – now people feel much more comfortable in appropriating the work of others. When I discover someone has used my work, I contact them and explain how things work, and offer to file legal action if it happens again. A couple of times I’ve been offered payment, but never received any. This hasn’t always been small time stuff, a couple of times my work has appeared in major trade publications without my knowledge. Stay vigilant, work the search engines regularly, and make contact with offenders.

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    Sorry, I fail to see how information on guns and hunting from a hunting and fishing oriented site such as mine would fit in with “tricycles for kids”? I am a professional outdoor writer, member of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association, filed editor for a couple of magazines, freelancer for others, and a book author. I get paid for all these efforts. I do no write for free, and expect some some of financial reward from my website material, also. This is copyrighted material, and can only be reprinted with my permission, and that permission is normally only given upon payment received.


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    I don’t usually respond to comments like this one, but here goes. I doubt you are even aware of the contents of the post you commented on, much less that you have been looking for information on Lacewood Ruger revolver grips for a long time. Your question about “the bottom line” pretty much assures me of this. As to the source, since I AM the source, the grips are mine, made from wood I furnished, – then, yes, I am pretty damn sure of the source! Get your act together, and don’t bother me with your pathetic attempts to drive traffic to your own web page, whatever it is about!

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    Try the on-line version of Texas Fish & Game magazine. I am listed as a field editor for them, write a monthly column on fishing in the Galveston Bay area, as well as hunting and fishing feature articles throughout the year.

    Thanks, Mike

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    Gosh, I love unsolicited criticism form someone I don’t know! While it is entirely possible to have an occasional mistake, I suspect “rife with mistakes” to be a rude over statement! If it bothers you so much, you are certainly welcome to stay away from the site! Or were you planning to sell me a program or app to “fix” my mistakes”?

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    I actually doubt if you have read any of my posts, or you would understand the subject matter is not what you seem to think. Or perhaps you do not actually spell so well yourself? I am responding to this comment because your crap makes me angry. In the future they will simply be deleted as soon as I see them.

    Thanks for coming.

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    What is in the content of a copyright waiver ? I need to make one and need to know what it includes?

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    Since I have no interest in giving anyone such a waiver to use MY material, and I do not use anyone else’s material, I am not aware of how to do that. Also don’t know any good copyright attorneys – yet.


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    Thanks for the kind words.

  13. MikeH says:

    Well, I’ve been writing for publication since about 1979. Always had an active mind, always wanted to write. I concentrate on things I have a passion for – mostly hunting, shooting, firearms, and fishing. I try to “live” my interests, carried my fishing passion to a charter captain’s license and owning my own charter boat, was on the Board of Directors of the National Charter Boat Operators Association. I seldom write about anything I could not honestly be considered knowledgeable about. I do like to write fiction and humor, but I think I have a “feel” for those. I still do two magazine columns each month, once did a weekly newspaper column, so I have had to focus on “getting started” when I have a deadline.

    If I had to pin it down, I’d say concentration nd having at least a mental outline – even better a written one – is the most important, except for fiction.

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