Most folks my age grew up in an era when does were largely protected from hunting pressure. The modern approach to “managing” deer, however, tells us shooting does is a GOOD thing – although you might read that in an article, and further down in the same article find a suggestion that the more does you have around, the more likely the bucks are to come around, also.

Does pay off in bucks!


While I have hunted in areas of South Texas where does are more numerous than cattle, in my home area I normally see more bucks of various sizes than does. I suspect this has to do with the non-selective harvesting practiced on neighboring properties. Does are legal in Brazoria County until Thanksgiving weekend, but I personally wish it were the reverse, as it would be useful to be able to take a doe late in the season, to get meat for the freezer if no shootable bucks had been found. As bucks will be closely monitoring does during the rut, I will not shoot a doe if they are less than numerous, preferring to offer them sanctuary on my property, in return for a shot – literally – at their boyfriends. The doe in the above picture is not only acting as “bait” for bucks on my place, she also has a yearling fawn following her, even more reason for me to “let her walk”.



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