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5th Annual Battle On the Bernard Returning For Heart “Tugging” Fun

The Battle On the Bernard (B.O.B.), a friendly tug of war competition brought to you by the West of the Brazos Communities, is geared up for its fifth annual “tug” on the San Bernard River at the FM 2611 bridge Saturday, April 6, 2013. The event offers fun and food for the entire family. Battle On the Bernard’s mascot, B.O.B. the Pelican, invites everyone to take their spring day to investigate the only tug-of-war over a river in the State of Texas.

B.O.B. is planned to generate friendly competition between communities and create an atmosphere where West of the Brazos community organizers can all pull together, pool their talents and work towards common goals. So… if you are involved in any organization (school bands, football teams, cheerleaders, volunteer fire departments, police departments, service organizations, any 501c3 organization or just a group of friends) B.O.B. would like to see you at the “tug” with a team of a maximum of 20 people (only 12 people will be allowed to pull on the 2 minute tug). Rules and Entry forms can be found on . This year, the battle has new improved “tug” lanes and will again utilize double elimination for the adult challengers who enter. It costs nothing to enter or to attend.

At B.O.B.’s Inaugural “tug” (2009) an estimated 600 people lined the shores of the San Bernard River to watch teams stretch a rope over the river. Sweeny won the Mayors’ team challenge, and The Dudes of Churchill won first place in the overall challenge. In 2011, Sweeny again took B.O.B. home to roost in the Mayor’s challenge and Loose Cannons beat out the Dudes of Churchill in the overall challenge. In 2011, the city of Clute took home the Mayor’s prize and Dude Payne’s Precinct 1 won both the Precinct challenge over Precinct 4 and defeated the Loose Cannons for the public pull. In 2012 the City of Clute took home the prized Mayor’s prize and a newcomer, The Iron Cactus took home the overall challenge prize.

But, 2013 holds a new challenge. B.O.B. the pelican says he has heard that the Iron Cactus has vowed to take home the trophy this year, and the Mayors’ teams are “buffing up” for a new challenge. The kid’s tug and teen tug are also heating up for their tugs this year. The kid’s tug and teen tug are also heating up for their tugs this year.

B.O.B. is also offering a chance for local non-profit as well as for profit organizations to make a little money by manning food and beverage booths offering refreshments for the event. There are limited spaces available, so please contact Gloria Powell at 979-417-1505 or you may still apply online at .

In the meantime, get ready to show your community pride. Get out there, gather your team, flex your muscles and get ready to tug. Battle On the Bernard T-shirts are available for sale at the event the day of the tug. Don’t forget to check out the website, and check B.O.B. out on Facebook. If you see B.O.B., the pelican, he is on vacation and slowly making his way back to the San Bernard in order to officiate over the contest and award the winners of the fourth annual tug-of war.

For rules, team applications, vendor applications and sponsorship forms contact the Pat Webb at 979-236-3494 or visit: .

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