Some few weeks ago I decided my accumulation of handguns was sufficiently large that I needed a more secure storage for them than in desk drawers or hanging in the holster when I didn’t have them locked in my main safe while traveling. As if just to answer my question, my wife had a small Sentry Safe that she hasn’t used in years, but still had the combination to, that has now been deemed my handgun safe and holds my 4 (for now) Ruger revolvers, plus ammo and accessories – speed loaders, extra cylinders, etc. I could not find a commercial handgun rack which accommodated scoped revolvers – which all of my Rugers are – so I made one of scrap wood that does the job for me. However, I worried about the wood “marking” the finish of the guns, and more about avoiding corrosion with them enclosed in such a small space.

My first solution was to purchase silicon impregnated “cleaning” cloths for each gun. With one of these wrapped around the revolver and secured with a rubber band, it seemed very well protected. BUT, this involved wrapping and unwrapping each time I took the piece out to shoot, or just to admire. Last week I saw “socks” for handguns for sale in a Midway USA ad, apparently made of the same silicon infused cloth. The price for these was minimal – especially for the protection they offer – but I already had a cloth for each gun! Luckily, my wife is handy at a lot of things, and I enticed her to sew 3 sides of each cloth together to make a sack. My Rugers all have 7 1/2″ barrels, and the ensuing sacks cover the gun – and scope – up to the grip. The first cloth I had purchased was a bit larger, and it worked better for the older Super Black Hawk with a variable powered scope that is a bit longer. The socks will also protect from “marking” by the wooden rack, and scuffs or scratches from various things.

"Socks" made by sewing 3 sides of a silicon gun wiping cloth together are easy to slip on even a large revolver before storing.

“Socks” made by sewing 3 sides of a silicon gun wiping cloth together are easy to slip on even a large revolver before storing.

If I had not already had the cloths on hand, I would have gladly bought the sacks from Midway – but then I would have had more wiping cloths than I really needed. Of course, the cloth the sacks are made from also will still see service as a wiping/cleaning cloth. High hopes for my handguns staying in better shape in the future!

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