The fiber optic type of open sights are usually easier for the eyes to "pick up" that plain or white dot sights.

The fiber optic type of open sights are usually easier for the eyes to “pick up” that plain or white dot sights.

OK, I am happy with the mini-holographic sights on my Glock G20 and Springfield .460 Rowland, but those are primarily hunting pistols. My Taurus PT 1911 .45 ACP is the home defense and bedside table gun (although I carry it on most every woods trip and have shot some hogs with it!). For this one, I need a sighting system that is easy for my aging eyes to pick up, and always ready to go – no switches to turn on. The Novack sights that came on the pistol were good, but had white dots, which can get dirty, and even clean are not that easy to see against various backgrounds. On the other hand, I don’t really need “night sights” on it, so I elected to try a fiber optic type.

The Hi Viz sights I chose are designated as being for the Taurus PT1911, and slid into the factory dovetail slots after the Novacks were removed with no special fitting. The “pipes” installed in the sights were a fluorescent green, and so far have proven to be very visible in bright or low sunlight, in the house or in the woods. The front dot is larger, as it needs to be, most authorities on pistol shooting suggest the front sight should be in sharper focus than the rear, which should even be a bit blurry when on target and ready to fire. Having smaller rear dots keeps them from drawing the eyes away from the front. The sight comes with extra green pipes as well as an orange set in a handy holder/dispenser and also a tool for installing them. I had expected to change immediately to the orange, but I find myself happy with the green, at least for now.

These sights require installation by a gunsmith – or the use of a sight pusher tool, but are a big step up from factory open sights. Although they do not “glow” in the dark, when I tried them with my rail mounted light illuminating the target, the black outline of these sights was still much easier to see than the “stock” sights, so I consider them a “win-win.

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