Hog head cheesy? Using this sow's skull as my canvass, I have painted "High On The Hog"!

Hog head cheesy? Using this sow’s skull as my canvass, I have painted “High On The Hog”!

OK, it is common knowledge that a head mount of a large feral boar is an impressive trophy. Even a “European Skull Mount” can be very eye-catching. Sows, however, have small tusks for the size of their heads, and are not in great demand as wall hangers. After staring at one I saved from the bone pile for a long time and giving it a lot of thought, I finally settled on rattle-can spray painting the lower jaw, but could not decide what to do with the rest of the head. Finally, since I am working on an oil painting with a nice buck deer as its centerpiece and will not finish that one for some time, I decided to “paint” this sow – literally!

Yes, in my corner of the art world, the pig is my canvass!

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Texas hunter and fisherman for 50 years, published outdoor writer since 1979, licensed charter boat operator from 1982 to 2013. Past Member, Board of Directors, National Association of Charterboat Operators, current member Environmental Advisory Committee to the DOE and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Married to Dorothy since 2000, one son, Michael who is recently married and living in Nederland, Texas. My wife and I live in Oyster Creek, Texas, near Freeport, and have a hunting property outside of Brazoria, Texas.
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