For roaming the woods – or for a holster that can quickly be “donned” for any sort of action – I prefer a shoulder holster. I don’t use the concealed carry type holster for my hunting guns, I like something like the 1940 Tanker holster by El Paso Saddlery that works so well with my 1911 semi-autos. This holster hangs around the hunter’s neck and over one shoulder, and can be further secured to a waist belt. Getting the gun off the belt makes it much “handier” when riding a tractor or any type of ATV where a hand gun might be helpful. I think there IS a Tanker holster made for revolvers, but I have not been able to get my hands on one.

Since I recently added the old Herter’s .44 to my arsenal, I wanted/needed something to carry it in, and selected to bandoleer style rig from Hunter’s for the task. The Herter’s is a bit bulkier than my Ruger Super Blackhawks, and is a tight fit in this holster – but that is good, as it will “wear’ in just right.

This bandoleer style shoulder holster form Hunter's is going to make my Herter's .44 an easy to carry companion for woods walking!

This bandoleer style shoulder holster form Hunter’s is going to make my Herter’s .44 an easy to carry companion for woods walking!

Obviously, this is also a good holster for a “BBQ Gun”!

Hunter’s leather quality is not fancy, but certainly good enough for a working holster. The price is very reasonable, and it is well constructed. I expect to get many pleasant miles of comfortable woods carry from this one!

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