I have discussed some of the problems I encountered when I began loading my own ammo for my .480 Ruger before. Basically, the heavy hard cast bullets I wanted to use – 375 gr and 410gr slugs from Cast Performance Bullets – would not chamber. After obtaining the Lee bullet Lube and Sizer kit, I saw some improvement, but still had to go to extraordinary steps to get a tight enough crimp for the bullets to fully enter the chamber. Seems the “bulge” where the brass overlapped the bullet was too large. After consulting with the good folks at Lee Precision, they offered to make a “custom” collett sizing die for me in .475/.480 that gives a tighter crimp than the ordinary die set. Factory Crimp Dies, as they are usually called, are made for many calibers, and I use them on several, but they are not carried as stock items for the .480. This die would also work for the .475 Linebaugh, which uses the same .475 sized bullet.

The Lee Factory Crimp Die - or collett die - gives a much tighter crimp than Lee's normal die set.

The Lee Factory Crimp Die – or collett die – gives a much tighter crimp than Lee’s normal die set.

I paid for this service, of course, but the cost was very reasonable.

After the die arrived and I found that it pretty much solved the problem, I determined that the problem really was that my cylinders were too “tight”, and really need to be lightly reamed to accept the bullets (which will not pass through the cylinder when NOT loaded in a case!). I will likely do this, also. About the same time I found a used but newer .480 Super Redhawk cylinder that seems to have been reamed correctly at the factory. Since this one has a polished stainless finish, I am currently trying to figure out how to install it myself, to both solve the tight chamber problem, and give the gun a duo-tone “custom” look. Regardless of these other options, I plan to continue using the collett die to make sure I have a good, tight crimp that will not allow the bullet to “pull” and move forward under the recoil of the big .480, which could “lock” the gun up at an inconvenient time.

Lee gets a lot of credit here for going what I consider above and beyond the call in helping me!

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