Muzzle Loader Cleaning Aids

Muzzle loaders – even in line versions using pelletized powder – have “special” cleaning needs. The pre-saturated cleaning patches from Thompson Center are MUCH easier to use than trying to attach a dry patch to your cleaning rod and then wet it by hand!

Coating a muzzle loader barrel – inside – with a product like Bore Butter after each shooting session helps clean it as well as “seasoning” the barrel, much as seasoning a cast iron frying pan with cooking oil helps to keep the pan from rusting. With a muzzle loader – even when shooting so called easy load plastic sabots over your bullets – a bit of lube helps to allow easier bullet seating. The patches from TC or Traditions that are already presaturated with such a lube are also easier and faster to use than smearing a bit of bore butter on a dry patch.

The CVA “Barrel Blaster” cleaning system is a small jar filed with cleaning solution in which a breech plug or other “small” parts may be dropped and soaked for the ultimate in through and easy cleaning. The only caution is to dry the part as well as possible after removing it from the re-useable solution and before using it in the gun.

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