Nature’s Way

This will be the pictures of the week. As deer season in most of the state prepares to open Saturday ( November 3), many of us are going over trail camera pictures in order to plan our hunts and judge our chances.


Thi plump doe was attracted by rye grass and feeders, and will in turn attract attention from bucks with romance on their minds.

My experience has been that bucks – especially big ones – are seldom found eating corn at feeders in my particular area. They will, however, check out feeders looking for does as the breeding season gets started (rut). Corn feeders will draw does, as will food plots, water sources, and “sanctuary” areas where they have reason to feel like they won’t get shot.

This little buck appears to be after the does attracted by a rye grass plot and an oat feeder.

It appears the rut is close, if not in progress, as this week I got a picture of a small buck on my property – the first one I’ve seen since last deer season.



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