One Day, All Guns Will Have Threaded Barrels!

In my safe, anyway! When I first began my suppressor testing project, I badly wanted to try a “can” on a .45 auto. The only .45 ACP I had that would be suitable was the Para “Expert Carry” 1911, with a short slide and 3″ barrel. Para does not offer a threaded barrel for this pistol, so I ordered one from Bar Sto Precision. Things being what they sometimes are, this took longer than I would have liked, so I purchased the Sig P220 TB, which was a good thing, as I REALLY like the Sig!

Finally, though, the Para came home to roost!

My next .45 ACP suppressor "Host".

My next .45 ACP suppressor “Host”.

One of the slow downs on the barrel job was that Bar Sto had only one gun smith working. That was the “bad news”, the good news was that gun smith happened to be company owner/founder Irv Stone – as good a guy to have work on a 1911 as ANY!

This Para compact 1911 should be a very useful gun with a suppressor mounted on it?

This Para compact 1911 should be a very useful pistol with a suppressor mounted on it?

The barrel is now 4″, and extends slightly past the end of the slide. It is still a VERY compact 1911. It shoots very well, and functions perfectly. Some slight damage was done to the gun’s finish in shipping, but it seems to me Bar Sto cleaned that up as much as possible. I put my custom Mesquite Burl grips from Lone Star Custom Grips on it, and it looks very attractive. I have yet another Burris Fast Fire reflex sight coming to “see” over a suppressor, and am very anxious to check the balance with a suppressor attached.

Might just be my imagination, but the grip safety on the Para has always been a bit “loose”, and even that seems better now!

Threaded barrel .45 semis- Sig and Para.

Threaded barrel .45 semis- Sig and Para.

These two are ready to mount suppressors.

These two are ready to mount suppressors.

The Sig P220 TB is a very nice pistol, and I am glad to have it, BUT, my Para 1911 also has permanent home! Recently I was reading an article pointing out how good a 1911 “feels” in the hand, and the Para – with it’s full size grip and magazine well partnered with a shorter slide and barrel and the slightly different balance seems to feel even better than a full size 1911. The Para is my only 1911 at the moment, and as I waited to get it back I have again wished to get another full size 1911. Not sure I need one now!

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