Most know that I am not a fan of open sights on my hunting hand guns, as my eyes do not see as well as they used to. The only set of open sights I have not modified somehow are those on my Ruger Super Redhawk, although the excellent bright orange insert on the front sight is really wasted as long as I keep the Ultra Dot sight mounted on it!

I have tried various type of paints to brighten my front sights, and all work at least reasonably well. A couple of times I have used orange vinyl tape cut to fit the rib of the front sight, and found that sometimes even better than paint.

Papa G’s Gun Sight Tape comes in three colors – white, green, and orange – and already cut for proper width on most revolver front sights, so the only cutting the user needs to do is for length. If the directions are followed as to cleaning the area to be taped properly, it applies easily and so far seems to stick very well.

Best of all – the price is dirt cheap!

The bright orange tape from Papa G's  is easy to apply, durable, and makes the front sight blade much easier for the eye to "pick up" when sighting.

The bright orange tape from Papa G’s is easy to apply, durable, and makes the front sight blade much easier for the eye to “pick up” when sighting.

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