Although I am happy so far with my new Taurus PT 1911 AR handgun, any improvements I can make to it will be seriously considered – that’s just the way I am! So far the pistol has performed flawlessly through several magazines of ammo. The magazines feed great, all “controls” work as they are supposed to, and I am getting used to the sights, figuring out how to use them to best advantage. So, since it is mechanically good, appearance is the area of improvement that can most easily be worked on, and on a semi-auto pistol, a more attractive set of grips is the obvious route to take. I love good wooden grips, and have those on my Ruger Super Blackhawk and my Contenders, but various synthetics are becoming more appealing. What I finally chose for this pistol were grips from RAASCO, made of a synthetic resin they call Dymondwood.

These RAASCO grips are in a material they call DYMondwood, and in a color named "Amazon Marblewood", appropriate for a pistol made in Brazil!

These RAASCO grips are in a material they call DYMondwood, and in a color named “Amazon Marblewood”, appropriate for a pistol made in Brazil!

The new RAASCO grips fit better than the factory plastic grips, the cut-outs for reaching various pins are more precise. I had to cut a little off the factory left hand side grip so the slide-stop pin release would work properly, not so on the RASSCO grip. The color and pattern – Amazon Marble-wood, seems very appropriate for a pistol made in Brazil. Maybe Taurus should offer these from the factory? Of course, RAASCO makes grips for other pistols, and also offers grips in other materials, including exotic woods.

RAASCO Corporation
3675 W. Teco Ave., Ste. 2
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 998-9567
E-Mail :sales@raascogrips.com

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