More and more semi-auto pistols these days come equipped with a front “rail” mount incorporated into the dust cover that can be used to mount lights, lasers, and other add-on equipment – some of which can be very valuable at times. For those pistols that do not have a rail – such as my Springfield Armory “Mil Spec” 1911, there is at least one way to add one without extensive modifications by a gunsmith.

The Surefire accessory rail can be added to a 1911 pistol with no drilling or welding. This one allows the use of a scope mount that does not attach to the pistol's slide

The Surefire accessory rail can be added to a 1911 pistol with no drilling or welding. This one allows the use of a scope mount that does not attach to the pistol’s slide

The SUREFIRE MR07 pistol accessory rain can be mounted under the dust guard of your 1911, and seems to be a fairly sturdy device. The “secret” to making the MR07 hold securely in place is that it comes with a slightly longer slide stop pin, which replaces the original pin and holds the SureFire to the frame.To push it tight against the dust cover – and hold it there – there is a set screw that works against the trigger guard at the bottom of the portion of the rail that nest on the trigger guard. There is a pad here to avoid scratching the pistol’s finish, and a shim is provided to help get the rail as level as possible. I get a very snug fit in my Springfield 1911, and the black aluminum MR07 matches the black finish of the pistol well enough to appear as though it belongs there. Since it does not touch the slide, there is very little affect on the operation if the pistol, and not much added weight.I did, however, have to do a slight bit of “fitting” to keep the slide stop from binding the slide, but it was fairly easy to do with a small file.

Of course, another advantage is that should you ever decide a rail was not needed or wanted, it can be easily removed.

This accessory rail is not as secure as one machined into the pistol’s frame, and a good pistol smith could probably come up with a more permanent solution – but for the price and ease of installation, it is worth consideration.

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  1. richard Rodriguez says:

    I would like to know where i could get one of the mro7 rail mounts

  2. MikeH says:

    It is available through Amazon, and you can order it by clicking on the ad on the same page as the post about it, if you wish.


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