Most of my hunting and woods-walking handguns wear either Red Dot type optics or conventional scope sights, and getting a holster to fit with these sights can be difficult. For my Ruger Standard semi-auto .22 LR, I had been using a leather holster for this gun without optics that I modified by cutting a “slot” down the back and adding an extra retention strap, and I have on order a fairly pricey leather holster designed for the gun w/scope. For Christmas, my son gave me this molded Kydex holster from Tactical Solutions that was made for the Ruger line of semi-auto .22’s with optics mounted. I have seen holsters of this type used with semi-auto “Race Guns” in competition shooting, and considered one for a 1911, but they were hard to find and expensive. From reading other reviews on the Tac Sol version, it will fit Ruger 22/45 models as well as the MK series and my old Ruger Standard – also the Browning Buckmark and AMT Automag .22 magnum pistols – and even accepts some suppressors! This is actually a 2-piece system held together with adjustable tensioning screws to let it “fit” the specific gun being used. The matching belt mount is made by TD Labs, and can be had in a high or low mount to your tastes.

This holster gives an audible “click” when the pistol is in position, although it does not have any retention mechanism than must be released, and it does cover the complete trigger guard of my pistol. It is obviously meant to “hug” the Ruger pistol “upper”, and my B-Square scope mount does not allow a perfect fit, but it is very acceptable, and the Tasco 2x scope I am currently using rides well when the pistol is holstered.

I like this holster VERY much, and would like to have one configured for a full size 1911, even without an optic! It protects the pistol, is easy to draw from and re-holster, should not mar the finish of the gun, and also should not have the adverse effect on the finish a leather holster can create if the pistol is left in the holster a lot. Unless I find out differently after extensive use, this seems like the very best holster option for my Ruger .22LR pistol I have found – and if I can continue to use it with the suppressor I hope/plan to add to this pistol, so much the better!

This well designed Kydex holster fits the Ruger .22 auto pistols with scope or Red Dot optics mounted.

This well designed Kydex holster fits the Ruger .22 auto pistols with scope or Red Dot optics mounted.

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