Texas Legacy Revolver

The new "Texas Legacy" Revolver, offered by American Legacy Firearms

The new “Texas Legacy” Revolver, offered by American Legacy Firearms

There was a flyer “insert” in my local morning paper one day last week that caught my interest immediately. It was illustrated with photos of a beautiful revolver – The “Texas Legacy Revolver” issued by American Legacy Firearms, of Fort Collins, Colorado. This revolver is the latest of a series of commemorative guns the company produces to “honor” various states, and sometimes even cities. Company rep Todd Ray told me on the phone that to go with the sentiment that “Everything is bigger in Texas!”, they chose to “build” this gun on a BFR revolver by Magnum Research with a plated stainless steel finish, 10″ barrel, and chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

Drawing of the cylinder engraving.

Drawing of the cylinder engraving.

The company does it’s own plating and engraving, and this revolver has Texas-themes engraving on the cylinder, barrel, frame back strap, and grips. The grips on the one pictured are Rosewood, and configured like grips for a Ruger Super Blackhawk with the squared trigger guard, and marked with the note that each gun is a numbered in the series of only 100 to be issued. When I talked to Todd, he had just returned from participating in the Rattlesnake Roundup, in SweetWater, Texas, where the Texas Legacy Revolver was photoed with a couple of the star rattlesnakes’

"God Bless Texas" is engraved ob the frame back strap!

“God Bless Texas” is engraved on the frame back strap!

When I suggested Zane Thompson of LoneStarCustomGrips as a great guy to make “Texas Legacy” grips for these guns, Todd said that should I buy one and want Zane to make grips for it, I could send them to American Legacy and they would have them appropriately engraved.

The Texas Legacy BFR Revolver - stainless plated frame, 10" barrel, Texas-themed engraving, and chambered in .30-30 Winchester!

The Texas Legacy BFR Revolver – stainless plated frame, 10″ barrel, Texas-themed engraving, and chambered in .30-30 Winchester!

While these handguns are meant as collectibles, it would be a shame to own a BFR and NOT shoot it! Since these revolvers are chambered in .500 Linebaugh and other “stout” calibers, the .30-30 should be relatively calm in a gun of this weight and barrel length. I have a Thompson Contender with a 14″ barrel in .30-30, and it is pretty pleasant to shoot.

The price for these handguns is $2,500 (each), and there is a payment plan offered, of $200 down and $200 a month. For more info, go to www.AmericanLegacyFirearms.com, or call 1-877-887-4867.

Beautiful as well as practical handguns are a part of Texas history and “legacy”, and the .30-30 cartridge also contributed a lot to “building” Texas – although mostly in the Winchester 94 carbine. Personally, I like this idea, and might suggest another slogan for the Texas Legacy Revolver – actually carrying and shooting an expensive, engraved, collectible .30-30 revolver –

“Nowhere But Texas!”

Right side of barrel, engraved with "republic of Texas"

Right side of barrel, engraved with “republic of Texas”[/caption

[caption id="attachment_3611" align="alignleft" width="120"]Left side of the barrel is engraved, "Established 1836". Left side of the barrel is engraved, “Established 1836”.

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