Anterless deer season has come and gone in Brazoria County, unless you hunt the special muzzle loader season after the general rifle season ends, and I did not get a shot at the big doe I saw early that last morning. I always forget whether spikes are considered “anterless’, and whether a yearling is legal in the same category? A quick check of TPWD regulations for counties under the Special Antler Restrictions explains that any male deer with even an itty-bitty protrusion of antler through the skin is considered a buck, and any buck with at least one unbranched antler is legal during the general season – as a buck – regardless of antler spread.

“Any buck with one or more unbranched antler is a legal buck, regardless of antler spread restrictions”.

There have not been many bucks on my property this year, so that definition is more important to me that usual. This one has lo-o-o-ng spikes, but they are both “unbranched antlers”, so he is legal. Also, he is eating corn in this picture, which in this season of unlimited acorns makes him attractive from an accessibility standpoint. I have an article on hunting with suppressed guns scheduled for an upcoming issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine, and need a deer to pose with my suppressed .44 mag to illustrate the deer hunting “sidebar”. Since time is running short, other than posting a sign in the woods saying “Deer needed to model for magazine illustrations”, this guy may be my best shot (no pun intended, really).



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