This is not a book written by someone who admires custom revolvers – although Mr. Bowen obviously falls into that category. Hamilton Bowen is one of the foremost gunsmiths specializing in this business. He writes of what exactly a custom revolver is, what steps are involved in getting there, which handguns best lend themselves to this sort of work, and which modifications are best suited to each of them. He deals with both single and double action revolvers from the leading manufacturers. While his business is geared largely to custom big bore revolvers, he also details conversions to older cartridges and non-traditional conversions. Whether you prefer Ruger, Colt, Smith& Wesson and some other brand, Mr. Bowen will tell you what can be done to improve or individualize your handgun – and possibly increase the value at the same time. As a Ruger owner, I have discovered that Ruger has no in-house custom shop, so Ruger owners must turn to a custom gunsmith for just about anything not in the standard catalogue. There is a lot of very useful and interesting information in this book, as well as photographs of some beautiful revolvers and the steps taken to make them that way. There is also some history of the modern revolver.

Mr. Bowen, who is also an attorney by training, is a very good and entertaining writer, with a very keen sense of humor and a sharp wit. Throughout the book he uses “turns” of phrase that should bring chuckles from the reader.

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