Nothing like hunting with friends!

Had a couple of friends down this weekend from the Austin area to shoot hogs. As things often go, my game camera pictures of available targets showed fewer and fewer pigs as the trip got closer. When I put out more corn Friday, there was still corn available on the ground from a couple of days before. The guys didn’t arrive until fairly late Friday night, so we didn’t try to hunt until the next night, but Saturday morning still showed almost no activity around the feeders. Strangely, there was fresh “rooting” on my dirt road to the back, and even in areas where I had rye grass coming in as a deer attractant. In my past experience, hogs don’t bother the rye grass much.

Friday afternoon I took George, from the Dallas area, and Bill, from around Athens, to their stands early enough to catch a daylight run by the hogs, which had been happening regularly until I mowed a lot of the brush down in the back of the property to plant the rye grass. Just at dark, George had about 5-6 nice shoats in the 40 pound class come out, ,and he got one with his 6.8 AR. After getting it field-dressed and on ice, my hunters elected to go back out and try again. They made it until about 4 AM (while I tended the campfire, took a shower, and went to bed, – as someone surely had to!), but got no more shots. Bill did see a deer in back, in my rye grass, and thought he heard pigs a few times, including one that sounded “big”. It was a good trip, if not wildly successful, and they did get to take some meat home. I don’t know why the hogs activity had slowed, but there were certainly a lot of coyotes sounding off that night. Reports I have since gotten from other hunters in other areas reflected similar slow downs in hog activity over the weekend.

Pulled my camera cards yesterday, looked them over, and gave the guys the sad news.

Just like fishing! The old “You shoulda been here yesterday” excuse!


So Friday night/Saturday morning was the time we should have been hunting?

Big hog, wrong night?

Confirmed by this picture?

On, well. At least there was some pork heading back north with them, and probably a lot more tender than those tough ol’ big boys!

This great eating size hog made the trip back to the Dallas area.

This is the video of George Stoneberg shooting his pig. It was filmed through his Digiscope Night Vision device. This one is supposed to work for day or night, and it really wasn’t quite dark yet, so it was a test of the daytime ability. Thanks to George for the use of this clip!

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