The Weigand scope mount base for the Ruger series of .22 LR pistols requires no gun smithing, and does an excellent job.

The Weigand scope mount base for the Ruger series of .22 LR pistols requires no gun smithing, and does an excellent job.

I love “messing” with guns, and rarely reach a stopping point. Recently I came across a good deal on a 3X Tasco Pro Class hand gun scope which I wanted to try on my Ruger Standard pistol – having already gone through Tascos of 1X and 2X power ratings. The 3X scope was of a “silver” finish, which is good as it compliments my stainless steel barrel, but it was a 30mm diameter tube size, which meant it did not fit the 1″ (25mm) rings of my B-Square mount.

The solution was a Weigand Combat mount which replaces the dove tailed rear sight on the Ruger barrel and lays flat against the top of the barrel. The mount is designed for attachment by Weaver-style rings, and proved “just right” for optimum sighting with my Tasco 3X.

Since I bought the scope used and did not get a set of 30mm rings with it, I emailed Weiland’s customer service for recommendations on a good ring to try. To my surprise, I got a prompt reply from Jack Weiland, owner of the company, advising me the any good quality rings would work, although cautioning me to avoid those rings made in China.

The mount was fairly easy to install, although I had to drive the rear sight out with a hammer and punch because my sight pusher tool would not fit the Ruger receiver, and looks and functions just as it should!

Now, of course, I needed mounting rings for the 30mm scope tube. I want to add a suppressor to this pistol in the near future, so I was concerned about the ring height keeping the scope high enough to “see” over both the front sight and the suppressor itself. The first rings I ordered were “medium” height, which turned out to be just right! The Vortex rings I got, however, were made in China, so I did not follow Jack ligand’s advice, but I have a much more expensive set of rings coming I found on a website that I can replace them with (and save the Vortex rings as “spares”).

In honesty, I think the Vortex rings will work fine – they are certainly study enough to hold up to the recoil of a .22 LR!

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