This is a fairly new product designed as an alternative to whole corn for use in game feeders.

This is a fairly new product designed as an alternative to whole corn for use in game feeders.

After seeing this stuff for sale in my local Academy for some time, I finally picked up a few bags to give it a try. First impression is the bag seems light for it’s size, and that is because it is listed as weighing 37 pounds, yet is as large, dimensionally, as a 50# bag of corn. This was surprising to me, as I have been “bitten” by bags of corn that were cheaper than most, only to realize that the weight was less than the 40# standard weight of “deer corn”. Flex Corn is listed as containing corn, and “other proprietary products”, and looks a little like rabbit food pellets.

While it should feed well from most mechanical feeders, I broadcast some – along with corn – at my hog feeding spots last weekend to give it a try. While hogs will eat about anything, they did go after this stuff quickly, without having to adjust to it. They like it enough to just move into the brush when I walked by – in daylight, smoking a cigar – and come right back out to eat more.

The product literature says it is “amazingly weather resistant”, but from my experience, rain pretty much destroys it, and even a heavy dew will cause it to fall apart. Plus, it gets moldy quickly when wet. Still, I use other powdered attractants, and have found them to work very well with hogs, as they can’t just vacuum it up like they do corn, so it keeps them around longer.

A 37# bag of Flex Corn is also a little less pricy than a 40# bag of “Deer Corn” right now, so it should be worth a try. I see no reason it would not work as well for deer as for hogs.

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