Winter of MY Discontent!

This morning, Thursday, February 13, 2014, is a pretty one – sunshine, almost no measurable wind, and the temperature is nudging towards 50 degrees (F). In many recent years on the upper Texas coast, mid to high 40’s would be considered COLD, but the winter of 2013-2014 has seen several freezes here. In fact, my weather station said 32 at 5:00 AM, when I got up today. There was frost on the ground and on my truck – something as rare here as snow is a bit further north. I am not aware of any fish kills along the Texas coast, but here at the Oyster Creek World Headquarters of Mikes Texas Hunt-Fish several nights dipped into the mid to high 20’s for lows. Luckily, temps did not stay that cold for more than a few hours, and the extreme – for here – cold snaps did not hit us really fast, so marine life possibly had time to detect the change and move to deeper water or the shelter of a mud bank.

This has also been a fairly wet winter, at least when compared to the recent drought seasons. These weather fluctuations are not uncommon to Texas residents, and should be beneficial to fish and wildlife in the near future.I doubt we had enough freezing time to do much to the skeeter population, or to some of the plant species we really don’t consider necessary – but every little bit helps.

As I have recorded here previously, my own deer season did not go real well, but in retrospect I continued to learn about these animals and their habits, and hope this added knowledge will make a difference next year.

Not being a big fan of cold, wet weather, I have spent much time in the past couple of weeks remodeling my office area, better organizing my reloading “bench”, and otherwise attempting to improve my writing environment. We will be traveling to New Braunfels towards the end of this month for the annual Texas Outdoor Writers Association conference, which is a good excuse to see more of the lovely Texas countryside beyond my normal haunts. With warmer weather and perhaps not as much rain or wind, I will be shooting my semi-auto hunting pistols enough to get them well sighted-in with the mini-holographic “red dot” optics. I have pigs to kill, both to stop them from interfering so much with my deer hunting efforts, and to fill our new freezer with ribs, hams, shoulders for pulled pork, and sausage meat (the backstraps rarely last long enough to go in the freezer). Need to try out and enjoy the new chimney pipe I installed on the old Ben Franklin wood stove in our cabin, but other than that, I am ready for spring!

About MikeH

Texas hunter and fisherman for 50 years, published outdoor writer since 1979, licensed charter boat operator from 1982 to 2013. Past Member, Board of Directors, National Association of Charterboat Operators, current member Environmental Advisory Committee to the DOE and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Married to Dorothy since 2000, one son, Michael who is recently married and living in Nederland, Texas. My wife and I live in Oyster Creek, Texas, near Freeport, and have a hunting property outside of Brazoria, Texas.
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